August 18, 20200

We have finally been given the green-light to open our doors to welcome inter-provincial travellers and we couldn’t be happier!

Escape the hustle and bustle of busy city living and plan your next getaway to Little Eden, which is just a short drive from Pretoria and Johannesburg. This stunning oasis, with its spectacular surrounds, allows you to exist in perfect harmony with the environment and is the ideal location for you and your loved-ones to relax in pure tranquillity.

Health and safety remains a top priority

Providing a safe holiday environment for you, your family and loved ones to enjoy is our number one priority. To ensure that our own health and safety standards are met, as well as those enforced by government, kindly take note of the following:

  • Guests are required to complete up-to-date and accurate documentation with regards to their health and travel history prior to their arrival.
  • All guests will be subject to temperature screening at the main entrance. Should the occupant of a vehicle read a temperature of 37.8°C or higher, the vehicle will not be permitted to enter the premises.
  • In terms of the current regulations, all guests are requested to wear a mask in public areas at all times.
  • Sanitisation stations and sufficient hand washing facilities have been made available for use throughout the Resort. We strongly recommend that guests keep their hands clean and refrain from touching public surfaces.
  • To adhere to social-distancing protocols, all chalets are sanitised and sealed before guests arrival; decorative pieces may have been removed from the unit and housekeeping will be kept to a minimum.
  • Kindly note that select facilities and activities may be restricted or operate at a limited capacity, as is permissible under government regulations. Please be in touch with the Resort directly for further clarification.

These, and other, protocols and procedures have been implemented across the Resort. Rest assured that our dedicated team will comply with government’s industry-specific stringent controls and measures, as well as our own health and safety protocols, to provide you with a safe holiday environment.

Please be in touch with our Reservations Team directly for further clarification or to make a reservation: reception@littleeden-resort.co.za or

012 732 0057. Keep up-to-date with new developments regarding the nationwide lockdown and five-level, risk-adjusted strategy here.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Government Regulations surrounding the South African lockdown and COVID-19 are continuously being amended and updated. As such, we remain committed to providing you with relevant communications which are accurate and reflect the latest updates at the time of publishing. These regulations are subject to change and may need to be reviewed on occasion. We thank you for your understanding.


July 13, 20200

The Little Eden Resort Team is excited to welcome weary business travellers from the 17th of June 2020. We understand your need for rest and relaxation when travelling for business and look forward to your arrival, where you can expect the very best in customer service from our dedicated personnel. Enjoy the chirping of a bird, drink a cup of coffee with a scenic view and appreciate all the things that make Little Eden your favourite ‘Little’ gem during your business-related stay.

What you will need:

Each individual checking-in at Little Eden Resort for intra-provincial business purposes must present the following documentation at Reception, upon arrival;

  • Employer letter outlining the purpose of the business travel (Declaration on company letterhead)
  • Copy of business-travellers ID

Each individual checking-in at Little Eden Resort for inter-provincial business purposes must present the following documentation at Reception, upon arrival;

  • Employer letter outlining the purpose of the business travel (Declaration on company letterhead)
  • Permit as per Form 2 of the Regulations
  • Copy of business-travellers ID

Please remember that each person must present this documentation; no ‘accompanying travellers’ will be permitted to stay at the Resort without the relevant documentation.

Complying with government regulations:
Please read through the below limitations for travel to Little Eden Resort, as outlined and enforced by government. No exceptions will be made.

– The Kiosk will be open to sell select snacks and cold drinks
– Guests must adhere to Resort Rules and Regulations while staying at Little Eden

Little Eden remains committed to providing you with a most comfortable stay, while upholding stringent health and safety protocols. For your health and safety, as well as that of other guests and our own team, kindly take note that certain common areas will remain closed, decorative pieces have been removed and sanitation procedures implemented. These, and other protocols, have been implemented at Little Eden Resort with our guests’ health in mind.

Please be in touch with our Reservations Team directly for further clarification, to make a reservation or request documentation to be completed prior to your arrival: reception@littleeden-resort.co.za



June 18, 20200

In these trying COVID-19 times, which have rather swiftly grown to be our new reality, with its unprecedented changes and undoubtedly a few drastic regulations – we certainly long for those easier summer pool-days lounging next to the crystal clear waters, carefree. A time when soaking in the warm African sun, day-dreaming of all the beautiful things in life and slowly sipping on a cold refreshment was done without a worry in the world.

Holidaying at Little Eden – something which used to be a given are now only fond memories encapsulated in our thoughts. Those dear family gatherings next to the braai, chattering about all things-in-life, grilling and charring that perfect steak for a delightful lunch with a view of the Waterberg Ravine. ‘Oh and let’s not forget’, those road-trips to Cullinan, walking with a leisurely gait through the streets and perusing knick-knacks in quaint antique stores – in hopes of finding a long lost treasure worth millions. ‘Ah, those millions would be fantastic to have – right now!?’ Well, in times like this, it’s unquestionably the ‘Little’ things that count and that we all have so much more appreciation for.



We recently posed the question on our Facebook page ‘What do you miss most about being at Little Eden?’ The general  consensus was clearly ‘Everything’, be that as it may – we decided to curate a list of all the ‘Little’ things that make Little Eden such a gem:

Sunrise – with her illuminating rays of dust red and cyber yellow bursting through the atmosphere with her beams of light swiftly blanketing the low-veld foliage. The baboons yawn and slowly move and edge to the tip of the outwards ‘bedrock’ to enjoy the first-morning sun. Take in the nostalgia of experiencing this stupendous beauty from your Unit.

Hiking – the crackling of old veld tree leaves underneath your ‘tekkies’, a small backpack filled with goodies to snack on along the way and the ever-persisting nature-exposure which immediately relieves that city stress. Oh, what bliss! ‘Um, what’s that, small insectivorous mammal resembling a mouse, with a long pointed snout and tiny eyes?! It must be an Elephant Shrew.’

Continuing along the hiking path you notice the troop of baboons, closely observing the passersby from their outcrop, while enjoying the morning sun; their barks echoing across the ravine. The great atmosphere and positivity of nature radiates through you; just taking in the panoramic views reduces stress, fear and anger, while increasing your physical and emotional well-being.



Leisure activities – Yes, to those very close and competitive Mini-golf games, to cannonball splashing into the Swimming Pool and tanning in the warm African sun, to lounging and observing the scenic view and to enjoying sweet-dripping-vanilla ice-cream while strolling back to your Unit. It’s all about taking time to relax and reinvigorate with family and friends.

Treasured family holidays – lastly, but by no means least, are creating everlasting holiday memories with family. Those treasured family holiday moments around a bonfire, reminiscing on all those quirky family stories and cherished memories. Or in the Chalet playing a competitive round of Uno or Monopoly on the coffee table. It’s all those ‘Little’ things that make a holiday not just another holiday but an unforgettable one!



We hope to welcome you back for some social-distancing-friendly holidays at our self-catering Resort soon for you to once again enjoy all the ‘Little’ things that make for a magical holiday. In the interim join us virtually on Facebook and our Website, to experience a glimpse of what’s to come on your next voyage to the Eden.



April 14, 20200

Now is the time for us to stand together while standing apart.

It is important that we all do our best in ensuring that we maintain hygienic principles and that we all remain home, during this time, in our efforts to flatten the curve of COVID-19. Closing Little Eden Resort and maintaining lockdown during this period is for the benefit of all guests and our employees. As President Cyril Ramaphosa said in his speech, “This is a decisive measure to save millions of South Africans from infection and save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.”

In accordance with our Presidents statement on the eve of the 23rd of March 2020; Little Eden Resort will be closed and will not allow any persons onto the premises for the duration of the lockdown period. We ask that you please consider postponing your stay to a later date as we work towards preserving the tourism sector within South Africa, together. For assistance in this regard, kindly be in touch with our team at reception@littleeden-resort.co.za. #SaveSouthAfricanTourism #PostponeDontCancel

“Don’t travel now, so we can travel later. We will meet again.”





February 21, 20200

Are you planning on visiting Little Eden soon? To enrich your holiday experience – we have selected a few unique places and some old-time favourites to visit on Cullinan’s Victorian-inspired main road called Oak Avenue.


The tall lush Oak trees stand proud down the historic Oak Avenue street, which is also rightfully named after the magnificent century-old trees. Pleated into this avenue, you will also notice Cullinan’s main road is lined with Jacarandas, which are predominantly noticeable during October when they pop out their heads to create the most spectacular display.  If you’re planning a destination lunch, or you would like to try some freshly baked pâtissière or perhaps buy a few novelty items for family or friends, then Oak Avenue will be worth the trip.

Oak Avenue, is a living museum filled with cafés, a brewery, an antique shop, gift shops and so much more. Take a lazy stroll down this historic street and explore the town encapsulated in rich history and breathtaking charm.


Here are a few of our favourite Oak Avenue shops and eateries:
  • Pop into The Cockpit Brewhouse and allow your taste buds to soak up some cold, crisp craft beer (vegan-friendly options available), mouth-watering food, and excellent live entertainment! For those really hot summer days, The Brewhouse is equipped with a mist spray system to ensure you stay cool and your brew stays frosty! We recommend that you go and experience this vibey brewhouse for yourself!

craft beer

  • Discover vintage timepieces at The Art of Silver shop! Here you can find stunning art pieces, rare coins and exquisite jewellery. This little gem is the perfect spot for collectors looking for something specific to add to their treasury or for you to find a unique gift for someone special.

The art of silver

  • One of Cullinan’s most renowned restaurants is As Greek As It Gets (we just love this name). Customers visiting this Greek restaurant will be treated to scrumptious food, an impressive wine list carefully selected by Chef Patron Stavros Vladislavic, and an artsy-crafty ambience. This popular restaurant is definitely worth visiting if you want to try some authentic Greek cuisine like Dolmades, Befteki, Moussaka or Pastitio. Allow yourself to be transported to Greece with one of their set menus and experience authentic Greek-style dining. Make sure you book ahead or try to get there as early as possible, as this popular spot is always jam-packed.


  • Are you a foodie? Then the Whispering Oaks Garden Café has got you covered for a ‘food-tastic’ experience. Famous for their relaxing Sunday breakfast under the timeless Oak trees, freshly prepared ingredients, tranquil gardens and refreshing drinks, this trip will unmistakably make for a memorable experience.

Whispering Oaks Garden Café

  • The Cullinan Jewel Shopping Centre is a great place for those of you looking to spoil yourself on a little shopping spree. Fuel up first by making a pit-stop at the Wimpy to enjoy a famous Wimpy coffee and breakfast.


Experience the charm of Cullinan, with its nostalgic touch of yesteryear, combined with an artistic modern flair and novelty filled shops tucked into beautifully Oak lined avenues.

If you would like to know more about what you can do in and around the Little Eden area, then read our blog about the Cullinan Diamond Mine here.

Is Cullinan on your bucket list? Why not make a weekend of it. Book a weekend stay at Little Eden and immerse yourself in nature as well as the deep culture of Cullinan.


October 1, 2019

The Cullinan Diamond Mine is one of the many attractions, where you can go to when visiting Little Eden. There is a lot of hype regarding the Cullinan Diamond Mine; it might be because of the chance to see an actual mined diamond in the flesh, or it could be because of the numerous tours that take place at the mine. Whatever your reasons for visiting the mine, you will not regret it, as there is something for the entire family to enjoy. From entering the shafts to visiting the display room, Cullinan Diamond Mine is a must-go.

There have been a lot of prominent discoveries at the Cullinan Diamond Mine since Frederick Wells Discovered the renowned Cullinan Diamond. In May 2008, a sparkling 101.27-carat diamond was uncovered. This diamond, which was about the size of a ping pong ball, was sold for 6.2 million dollars in Hong Kong.

Whether your preference is the history of the mine or simply just wanting to view the big mine hole, this place is a most definite to have on your agenda when in the Little Eden region.

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