It’s the ‘Little’ things!

In these trying COVID-19 times, which have rather swiftly grown to be our new reality, with its unprecedented changes and undoubtedly a few drastic regulations – we certainly long for those easier summer pool-days lounging next to the crystal clear waters, carefree. A time when soaking in the warm African sun, day-dreaming of all the beautiful things in life and slowly sipping on a cold refreshment was done without a worry in the world.

Holidaying at Little Eden – something which used to be a given are now only fond memories encapsulated in our thoughts. Those dear family gatherings next to the braai, chattering about all things-in-life, grilling and charring that perfect steak for a delightful lunch with a view of the Waterberg Ravine. ‘Oh and let\’s not forget’, those road-trips to Cullinan, walking with a leisurely gait through the streets and perusing knick-knacks in quaint antique stores – in hopes of finding a long lost treasure worth millions. ‘Ah, those millions would be fantastic to have – right now!?’ Well, in times like this, it’s unquestionably the ‘Little’ things that count and that we all have so much more appreciation for.



We recently posed the question on our Facebook page ‘What do you miss most about being at Little Eden?’ The general  consensus was clearly ‘Everything’, be that as it may – we decided to curate a list of all the ‘Little’ things that make Little Eden such a gem:

Sunrise – with her illuminating rays of dust red and cyber yellow bursting through the atmosphere with her beams of light swiftly blanketing the low-veld foliage. The baboons yawn and slowly move and edge to the tip of the outwards \’bedrock\’ to enjoy the first-morning sun. Take in the nostalgia of experiencing this stupendous beauty from your Unit.

Hiking – the crackling of old veld tree leaves underneath your \’tekkies\’, a small backpack filled with goodies to snack on along the way and the ever-persisting nature-exposure which immediately relieves that city stress. Oh, what bliss! \’Um, what\’s that, small insectivorous mammal resembling a mouse, with a long pointed snout and tiny eyes?! It must be an Elephant Shrew.\’

Continuing along the hiking path you notice the troop of baboons, closely observing the passersby from their outcrop, while enjoying the morning sun; their barks echoing across the ravine. The great atmosphere and positivity of nature radiates through you; just taking in the panoramic views reduces stress, fear and anger, while increasing your physical and emotional well-being.



Leisure activities – Yes, to those very close and competitive Mini-golf games, to cannonball splashing into the Swimming Pool and tanning in the warm African sun, to lounging and observing the scenic view and to enjoying sweet-dripping-vanilla ice-cream while strolling back to your Unit. It\’s all about taking time to relax and reinvigorate with family and friends.

Treasured family holidays – lastly, but by no means least, are creating everlasting holiday memories with family. Those treasured family holiday moments around a bonfire, reminiscing on all those quirky family stories and cherished memories. Or in the Chalet playing a competitive round of Uno or Monopoly on the coffee table. It\’s all those \’Little\’ things that make a holiday not just another holiday but an unforgettable one!



We hope to welcome you back for some social-distancing-friendly holidays at our self-catering Resort soon for you to once again enjoy all the ‘Little’ things that make for a magical holiday. In the interim join us virtually on Facebook and our Website, to experience a glimpse of what’s to come on your next voyage to the Eden.


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