Little Eden is a nature lover’s paradise. The ability to surprise is still Little Eden’s most persuasive trick. Situated near Cullinan, a short drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria, this Resort is the perfect oasis of natural beauty, peace and tranquillity. The drive from Cullinan to the Resort gives no indication that such splendour is on the cards. The tar road meanders through the open fields allowing you to enjoy the breeze as you make your way to the Resort’s entrance. It is only when you have entered through the gate that you get a sense that you have just stepped into a modern day Eden. The warm and bright smiles as you are welcomed remind you that you are not entering just any Resort but that you have arrived at your home-away-from-home.

Set alongside a ravine with stunning views, wonderful bush walks, rock pools, plenty of on-site activities such as outdoor massages or strolls to the waterfall; and providing great accommodation, Little Eden offers the perfect escape. The quaint chalets are stone, timber and thatch and are perfectly positioned to ensure privacy and every opportunity to admire the stunning views. This Resort offers a nature getaway that encapsulates everything peaceful, serene and tranquil and the opportunity to explore the nearby historic town of Cullinan.

Hiking Areas

Enjoy the tranquil environment around you on one of Little Eden’s Hiking Trails. Remember your hiking shoes!


Explore Our Resort

Explore this modern day Eden and create everlasting-holiday-memories. Here is a map showing where you can find all the hidden gems.


Animals you can spot when you go on a Hiking Trail are:




Elephant Shrew



Coqui Francolin


Share your photos with us as well as the species that you identified at Little Eden, to

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  • The lake beneath the waterfall is about 30m deep; the size of Resort is 600hk and the swimming pool contains a 600 000 litres of water.
  • Little Eden is situated right in the middle of De Tweedespruit Conservancy area. This protected area prohibits any form of hunting, poaching or the removal of any Fauna and Flora.
  • The rock formations near the waterfall is unique to Little Eden. No other place in Gauteng has the same formation. The river that runs through Little Eden is called the Elands River.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Little Eden was just a picnic spot for families and lovebirds that wanted to enjoy the tranquil environment.

In the mid 1980s, the Goudvis family bought the farm and started developing the Resort.

The first Chalets that were built on the farm were Chalet 10, 11 and 12, thereafter they constructed Chalets 1 to 20, but excluded number 13.  Grandmother Goudvis believed that the number 13 could bring ‘bad luck’ to the Resort.

In the early 1990s, Chalet 14 and 15 burned down because of a lightning strike during a storm. They later rebuilt these units but re-numbered them to Chalet 13 and 14 and build a new unit numbered 15, hence the reason the Resort has Chalets numbered from 1 to 20.


Will you be visiting Little Eden soon? Read these fun, interesting and essential facts about the Resort. We look forward to your visit and to you experiencing the Resort first-hand. Enjoy making everlasting holiday-memories!

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Monkey Chum Kiosk:

Did you know that Little Eden has a Kiosk? Here are a few of the things that we stock in our Kiosk, for your convenience:

Cold drinks | Water | Tea | Coffee | Crisps | Sweets | Chocolates | Ice-Cream | Ice | Wood | Toys | Handbags | Freshly Baked Bread Daily  and much more!

Kiosk Takeaways: Delicious Pizzas | Breakfast Rolls | Toast Sandwiches | Slap Chips | Russian and Chips | Plain Vetkoek | Vetkoek and Mince | Assorted Toasted Sandwiches

Please take note:

  • The Kiosk will be open daily, but will be closed twice a month for stock take. Actual times on request at Kiosk.
  • Please take note, The Kiosk trading hours during School Holidays are subject to change.

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